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‘Flightcam’ Rates.


The following rates are for filming days, recci and travel days, bad weather.

The basic rate includes operator plus any equipment required.

 Basic rate:  Please Call  Per day, plus extras - based on one-day hire.

Rate reduces to:  Please Call  Per day - for shoots longer than one day.

Rate to hire equipment without operator:  Please Call  for details.

Extras: Vehicle mileage 35p per mile .

Production company to provide support equipment as required and arrange model fuel on foreign locations: Please ring for details.

Equipment Available.

  • Heli Cams, Model Helicopters, Including:  Video assist
  • 16mm Film Camera, 10mm Lens.
  • Various DVcam Cameras.
  • EYMO 35mm Film with 18mm lens, 100ft Daylight Spools (1 minute filming time at 32fps)
  • CableCam, with standard 16mm film camera, 35mm film camera, 3 CCD DV Camera, will take HD Sony 750.
  • PoleCam, like "Jib Arm" for crane shots, with standard 16mm film camera or (3 CCD option) very Light weight.
  • Underwater PoleCam, with single chip Sony camera (Hippo Cam 1) Amphibico Housing etc
  • Mini-sub, including all extras (Hippo Cam 2).
  • Crash Cameras: Including up to 3 Crash Box’s various formats available.
  • CableCam Sits on a 6mm steel cable drawn between two-fixed points. Capable of variable speed shots in a straight line, with pan and tilt. Can be Gyro equipped for extra stability, ( windy days etc) All format capability

    Unit Width-   400mm             Length-   600mm

    Unit Height-  600mm             Speed-   0 to 30 MPH Variable

  • We have full manufacturing facility for most of your requirements.