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Specialized "Flightcam" Camera Devices


BBC NHU Trials of life, Man and His Dog, Human Body, QED Leaning Tower of Pisa, BMW Car Commercial, Waterboys Pop Video, Spice Girls Pop Video "Stop",  Peugeot 306 Car Commercial, South West Electricity Board, Swiss Railway, Feature film JDP/BBC PRIDE, JDP/BBC NHU Supernatural, JDP/BBC Lions spy in the den, JDP/BBC Weird Nature, BBC Walking with Beasts, Zebra films Indonesia, BBC NHU Lifesense, BBC Incredible Journeys, & Living Dangerously, JDP/BBC Elephants SPY in the Jungle, JDP/BBC Bears Spy in the Woods, JDP/BBC Trek Spy in the Waterhole, JDP/BBC TIGERS Spy in the forest.

& many opening titles for various other TV programs.

We are currently working on two other TV programmes.

We have also been accepted as a recognized contractor to the following:-

BBC NHU Bristol, BBC Graphics London & BBC Pebble Mill Birmingham,  National Geographic, Discovery.