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Specialized "Flightcam" Camera Devices


THE FLYING MODELS we use are Equipped with 16mm 100ft load Film Camera + B/W Video assist 10mm Switar lens as standard, or 35mm EYMO with equivalent 18lens video assisted, these Heli-Cams are NOT fitted with remote pan/tilt yet but it is possible to set any camera angle before take off. The models operate in line of sight only and rarely ever flown more than 200 Meters away from the operator at a Maximum Altitude 200ft above the ground. The models We use have a working altitude on 35mm of 6000ft. They are mainly used to do crane type shots and back ground shots for Special Effects, also POVís, it is possible to fly very close to buildings, Trees, Rivers etc, but to try and avoid Public.

NATURAL HISTORY We are currently using  remote Buggies, BoulderCam, DungCam, TankCam, CableCam, waterproof camera housings with HD video cameras are used and operated by us. We have also used a 30ft Airship as used to film Whales in Alaska for the BBC, and other units are also available on request, We are available to create from scratch many types of camera devices, we have developed a ROV to be used in filming inaccessible places, ice flows etc, also other underwater camera systems are available, all have little or no effect on wildlife.